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Rooster Boy Café is located in beautiful Desert Shores. The cozy café is bright and airy—a beautifully curated interior views an open kitchen. Our food philosophy blends global styles with a warm inviting atmosphere, creating a neighborhood stop for all. Whether you’re out for a coffee, exotic cold drink, needed a snack or need a full meal, we’ll be here for you! Come visit and order from the counter, or enjoy the patio. Our menu reflects Chef’s travels & experiences—a taste of the globe. The selections cater to many palettes and feature local farm fresh organic ingredients. Rooster Boy Café serves breakfast All Day Long, including some tried-and-true favorites. 

*Chef Sonia’s baby—an original commercial culinary venture, is Rooster Boy Granola. Offered in four flavor choices: Original, Grain Free, Extra Rich and Low Guilt, this health and nutrition option is soon to be available at your grocer. But it’s available to you at the café, before hitting the market. Enjoy any of 4 amazing blends, or grab a bag or Rooster Boy Granola Bar for the road.


Rooster Boy BRINGS people in the neighborhood closer together.

A cafe where you can go and have a nice work environment with a great coffee and a small pastry or where you could go and have a nice talk over delicious breakfast or lunch.



2620 Regatta Dr.
Suite 113
Las Vegas NV 89128






Tue-Sun: 7:30am–3:00pm

Monday: Closed

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It all started when...

Chef Sonia El-Nawal, born 1963, of Armenian and Lebanese descent, has been climbing the restaurant industry’s ladder and working with it’s top chefs for nearly 35 years. Nobu, Bond St, Lafayette, Masa’s, Jojo’s, APT, Theo…well, the list of beloved and world recognized hot spot eateries that Sonia has worked with, goes on and on. Food is innate in her, a natural instinct. Since the early 80’s in San Francisco at Masa’s with Chef Julian Serrano and then back to New York at Sign of the Dove, Sonia has been creating divine and visionary desserts. In 1989 she was hired as Pastry Chef at the notable Lafayette under the direction of Jean Georges Vongerichten.

She later made a retreat to Paris to enhance her culinary skills by doing a stage at Fauchon with Pierre Hermee for six months. Soon after, Sonia opened a popular diner, Spoonfull Diner in Belgium where her truly NYC authentic bagels and American favorites delighted the locals and brought ardent world wide reviews including a cover feature in the New York Times Style section. After her four-year act in Brussels, Sonia returned to the states and landed in Miami as the Executive Pastry Chef at the Delano Hotel, Blue Door restaurant.

In 1996, as Pastry chef at Nobu, her originative desserts garnered rave acclaim. The annual New York Magazine issue, “A Taste of Summer” has often featured her recipes, most recently with “Blackberry Cobbler for Theo” in the 2002 issue. Her innovative tapas “mini desserts” designed for Theo have been the talk of the town and featured in the New York Times, Esquire, Time Out, and New York Magazine. Sonia has also appeared in numerous other venues including Elle Magazine, Home Desserts by Richard Sax and Cook’s Magazine as well as several foreign publications.

In 2003, Ms. El-Nawal moved to Mexico City to work on the opening of Condesa DF, a small boutique hotel in the heart on Condesa. 

This beauty of a boutique hotel became one of the hottest locations in Mexico City, and was known for it’s cuisine, architecture and beauty. Sonia handled the pastry and breads as well as brunch, room service and worked part of a team to run the restaurant. After a year and a half she was promoted to main chef. She ran the hotel restaurant for another year while working on expanding her culinary horizons.

In 2007, Ms. El-Nawal found herself once again spearheading a fashionable food destination in Mexico City. Condesa DF personally curated gourmet marketplace ,which brought a diverse variety of savory prepared foods, baked goods, high-end pastries, cheeses, charcuterie and many more items that Sonia simply loved and shared.

After managing Dumas for several years and developing an enthusiastic star reputation in Mexico City, Sonia was drawn back to the United States and landed in Las Vegas.

In New York City, Ms. El-Nawal is still well known for her sensuous yet cozy desserts, and has a devoted following as a private chef with her catering company Lapin Plus, which highlights her early on cultivated passion for Mid Eastern and Armenian cuisine resulting in delectable tastes of pure love.

Chef Sonia’s latest and absolutely greatest culinary work of art is Rooster Boy Granola – marrying in one place her extraordinary skills as a pastry chef and baker with a deep knowledge of health and nutrition.  Only Rooster Boy Granola delivers the combination of taste, texture, eye appeal and just plain good-for-you-ness that reflects Chef Sonia’s “Taste Something Happy” philosophy.  So WOW your taste buds with one of Rooster Boy Granola’s exceptional flavor choices: Original, Grain Free, Extra Rich and Low Guilt.